Project - Aeropower Solutions

What is Aeropower Solutions?

Over a 15-year collaboration with Aeropower Pty Ltd, we played an instrumental role in developing a variety of software solutions. These included helicopter safety systems utilising laser technology to ascertain clearance distances, as well as vegetation scanning software designed to calculate and plot conductor clearances. Additionally, we contributed to the development of a comprehensive data collection and asset management solution that facilitates the gathering of photos and inspection data in the field through the use of cameras, tablets, and GPS referencing.

This data is seamlessly managed within a bespoke Asset Management System, which enables efficient reporting, integration, and manipulation of the collected information. A cloud-based solution delivers this data to end-users via web browsers, ensuring accessibility and ease of use. Notably, the solution has been adopted by organisations both in Australia and internationally, including Powerlink Queensland, Western Power, Transend, and Tas Networks.

Where is Aeropower Solutions today?

The system continues on in use at various locations. The development is handled by a specialised team under Aeropower Pty Ltd control.

  • Technology Base

    Microsoft Windows

  • Desktop Interface

    Windows Forms, Web

  • Programming Languages

    C#, .Net, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS

  • Data Management

    Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Entity Framework

  • Client

    Aeropower Pty Ltd

  • Location