Project - DataTrap Pro

What is DataTrap Pro?

Heilig and Partners, a renowned engineering firm, approached our company with a unique request to develop a comprehensive suite of georeferencing-based solutions. These solutions were aimed at providing real-time monitoring of explosion and vibration data on construction sites, ensuring a safe and controlled environment.

To address their needs, we undertook the development of two key components: a user-friendly web interface and a Windows-based desktop application. These platforms facilitated seamless access to vital information, allowing construction site managers to monitor and manage explosion and vibration data with ease.

In addition to the main applications, we also created supplementary software tools designed to aid in the calculation of explosive weights and the evaluation of alternative monitoring methodologies. This additional layer of support empowered users to make informed decisions about construction site safety and efficiency.

To ensure compatibility with existing systems and to maximise utility, the suite of solutions generates output files in widely-used formats such as KML, DXF, and DWG. This feature allows users to easily integrate the data into their current workflows and software systems.

DataTrap has been successfully employed in the construction of high-profile infrastructure projects, including the Clem 7 Tunnel and the Airport Link Tunnel. The positive impact of these solutions on project safety and efficiency has led to widespread industry recognition.

Following the successful implementation of DataTrap Pro for desktop, Heilig and Partners were so impressed with the results that they commissioned the development of DataTrap Pro Cloud. This new, cloud-based solution aims to enhance and expand upon the capabilities of the original DataTrap system, providing users with greater flexibility and accessibility to real-time monitoring data.

DataTrap Pro Cloud represents the next step in our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative, cutting-edge solutions for the construction industry, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Heilig and Partners in the pursuit of safe and efficient construction methodologies.

Where is DataTrap Pro today?

DataTrap Pro is a current project.

  • Technology Base

    Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Services

    Azure SQL PaaS, Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, SendGrid

  • Programming Languages

    C#, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS

  • Data Management

    Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Entity Framework

  • Client

    Heilig And Partners Pty Ltd

  • Location