Project - Propelo

What is Propelo?

We successfully developed Propelo, an innovative cloud-based messaging system designed to facilitate positive behavioural changes in individuals. This groundbreaking solution was developed for The University of Queensland, School of Population Health and commercialised by UniQuest, the commercial arm of the University.

Building on the success of previous products in this line, including Mobile Mums and CPRC Text Coaching, Propelo leverages cutting-edge cloud-based technology to provide trainers with a highly effective platform for promoting positive behavioural change. This intuitive system features an advanced messaging infrastructure that is fully customisable and adaptable to a range of different use cases.

Propelo represents a significant milestone in the effective utilisation of technology to enhance health outcomes and promote positive behavioural change. By empowering trainers and healthcare professionals with powerful tools and resources, this innovative cloud-based solution has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach healthcare and wellness, transforming the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

Where is Propelo today?

Propelo is continues to power health care solutions.

  • Technology Base

    Microsoft Azure

  • Cloud Services

    Azure SQL PaaS, Azure App Services, Azure Functions, Azure Storage, SendGrid

  • Programming Languages

    C#, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS

  • Data Management

    Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Entity Framework

  • Client

    The University of Queensland, EnableHC

  • Location