Project - oneflowPro Enterprise

What is oneflow™ Enterprise?

In partnership with Dental Depot, Software Development Pty Ltd developed an upgraded version of oneFlow™, called oneFlow Pro, specifically designed to cater to the needs of enterprise-level businesses. This enhanced system is not only robust and scalable, but it also incorporates a suite of advanced features that streamline and optimise various aspects of business management.

One of the key improvements in oneFlow Pro is its comprehensive inventory management module. This module tracks the stock levels of dental supplies and equipment in real-time, automates the reordering process, and generates detailed reports for inventory control and budgeting purposes. This helps dental practices maintain adequate stock levels, minimise waste, and reduce costs.

Service management is another area where oneFlow Pro excels. It enables businesses to efficiently manage service jobs by tracking the progress of repairs and services, organising records, and facilitating seamless communication between team members. This results in improved productivity and better overall results.

Scheduling is made easier with oneFlow Pro's advanced scheduling module. It allows businesses to automate appointment booking, manage cancellations, and send reminder, reducing the risk of missed appointments and optimising the utilisation of resources. The system also enables businesses to coordinate staff schedules, ensuring optimal allocation of human resources.

What sets oneFlow Pro apart from other systems is its unique underlying programmable artificial intelligence (AI) system. The system can assist in automating repetitive tasks, freeing up staff to focus on more critical aspects of daily requirements.

oneFlow Pro is a powerful, AI-driven business management system including accounting that offers enterprise-level businesses a comprehensive suite of advanced features. By handling inventory management, service management, scheduling, and much more, oneFlow Pro aims to assist businesses in optimising their business management procedures and ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

Where is oneflow™ Enterprise today?

oneflow™ Enterprise is available to select clients that require a customiseable enterprise level accounting system with the source code.

  • Technology Base

    Microsoft Windows

  • Desktop Interface

    Windows Forms, Web

  • Programming Languages

    C#, .Net, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS

  • Data Management

    Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Entity Framework

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