Team Details

Andrew Argent

Solution Architect | Developer

Andrew is a versatile professional with a diverse skill set in business analysis, business intelligence, software development, accounting, and strategic planning. He brings a wealth of experience to any project or team, with a proven track record of delivering successful outcomes.


Andrew's skills in business analysis enable him to identify process improvements and optimize operations. He is skilled in creating functional specifications and process flow diagrams to ensure that projects are delivered to a high standard. Andrew's experience in business intelligence and data analytics tools allows him to identify key business trends and opportunities, enabling him to make informed recommendations to stakeholders.

As a software developer, Andrew is experienced in full-stack development, including front-end and back-end development, database design, and implementation. He is proficient in programming languages such as C#, and is adept at developing software solutions that meet the specific needs of the business.

Andrew's passion for driving business growth and achieving organisational objectives is evident in his excellent communication and leadership skills. He is a team player who is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes and building long-term relationships with clients and colleagues alike.